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Seattle Sonics Face Masks — 2 Comments

  1. I don’t appreciate you listing my phone number on your comments site, especially when you have failed to use it to let me know whatever happened to you delivering me a face mask that I have paid for as well as it’s shipping. What is your reason for not telling me why you refuse to make good on a legal good faith purchase. My phone is on I would appreciate a phone call. PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS TEXT. Bob Waagan

  2. I ordered a mask at the beginning of June and as of yet I haven’t received a mask or a message letting me know what is taking so long. It is now the end of August and I will need to hear from someone ASAP if you could. My number is (253) 314-4772. If 3 to four months for delivery is your normal timeline I would have loved to know that going in. But not messaging me back earlier seems like bad pr to me. Please respond back Monday morning to let me know just what is happening. My name is Robert Waagan and I live in Tacoma, Wash. I have your original text to me saying my order is ready to ship as of June 2nd. Please respond to this text

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