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  1. How Do we Go About purchasing The white and green jackets That the sea Gals wear when it starts to rain..I can’t find them anywhere??? Really would love to own one..😃

  2. hey i was just wonder if you have ever sold the white and green jackets that the sea gals put on when it starts to rain. my girl friend really wants one but i cant seem to find them anywhere?

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  6. Would love to know when “Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Champions Cotton Fleece Jacket – College Navy”
    becomes available

    I cant figure out why if there is such a high demand why they don’t make more, aren’t these company’s more than non profit businesses?

    • I wish I had an answer for you, I’m very frustrated myself. While there are more items available now then there were just a few weeks ago, it’s still not nearly enough and we’re still waiting for some of the most popular items. I know my merchants are tired of hearing from me about this but I won’t give up!

  7. Is there ANYWHERE in the world where I can get one of those bright,lime green rain ponchos I usually see 20,000 fans wearing on a rainy day at “the Clink”?
    I have red eyes from shopping online and have basically given up.

    • I just checked all my sources and I can’t find them anywhere. Since they hand them out at games, you need to find a fan who will let loose of one. If you’re on facebook or twitter or any of those, put it out there and see if anyone with an extra would be willing to part with one. If I do manage to find one I’ll let you know. If you do get one, please let me know!

    • Just got a few great new jackets, even Super Bowl XLVIII Champions jackets, but I doubt they’ll last long. I update the jacket selection multiple times a day and most jackets sell out very quickly after they’re available.

    • I’m so sorry I didn’t respond to you before now, I’ve had trouble with my comments system and I never saw this comment, but I think I’ve got it all working properly now. I think I know what jacket you’re looking for, unfortunately I don’t know where it can be found, and I’ve looked EVERYWHERE. I’m going to contact my merchants because it’s a brilliant idea to sell Sea Gals gear! If you do find the jacket, I’d love to know where!

      • pintrest says that the sea gals jackets were designed my MEE sports… I take it the ones youre talking about are the blue green white sublimated jackets…blue on bottom, fade to green, and then to white.

  8. Could you send me the bust measurement of the Seattle Seahawks women’s white diamond quilted vest size large. Also, is there any of the bright lime green in the Seahawk logo or side seam piping. Thanks.

  9. I am so sorry! I have removed all of the out of stock items, all the jackets listed are in stock and available for sale. I am working with NFLShop on this issue and hope to expand the selection as soon as possible. I sincerely apologize for the problems. Thank you for your patience and GO SEAHAWKS!

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