HEY Seattle Sports Fans! There are no other sports fans that can rival our 12th Man! We bleed blue and green! Just as passionate, but less recognized than our Seattle Seahawks fans are our Seattle Mariners, Seattle Sounders, Seattle Storm, Seattle Reign, Seattle Thunderbirds, Seattle Mist, and Seattle Super Sonics fans. And finally, after such a long wait, Seattle Kraken fans! Show off your pride for your favorite Seattle Teams with awesome fan gear to proudly display your love all year round.

There are more ways to show your team love now than ever before, it’s not just about jerseys and hats and jackets anymore. There’s gear to decorate your home inside and out, jewelry and purses for the ladies, car swag, tailgating gear and so much more! Find your favorite fan gear at Seattle Team Gear.


About Seattle Team Gear — 4 Comments

  1. I’m looking for a Seahawks car fin. Mine flew off my car last year. Sadly I can’t find one. Please tell me if they still exist!

  2. i have seen several images of the seattle seahawks from your pinterests posts and was wondering if i can use some of them for my business. I am a Jamberry nails consultant and I have the ability to design my own nail wraps and i love supporting my team when they play and would love to have their logo on my nails and several ladies i sell to would also love to wear their logo on their nails as well. Is it alright if i use the Seattle Seahawks and the emblem design on nail wraps for my business? my email address is dora.permenter@yahoo.com my business address is doraperm.jamberrynails.net thank you

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